• Sahil Sharma
    The best in the business. Thanks for such a wonderful advice and yes i will recommend you guys to my friends and Family members as well. Keep up the good work
    Sahil Sharma
  •  Shubham Jakhete
    Nothing can be better than this for your first experience at Ladakh!
    Shubham Jakhete
  • Tushar Maheshwari
    They are absolute professionals who know the entire Ladakh area to the core and with the kind of facilities that they provide in such a remote area ,it clearly makes them the best ladakh bike trip organizers(btw the provide fuel as well). If it were to me i would rate all their services 11/10.
    Tushar Maheshwari

About Us

We genuinely care about our clients and offer a very friendly, extremely fun atmosphere, so that they have a great time on our motorcycle tours, whereby the tour guides will interact with the riders throughout the day and into the evening. We want to make people happy and provide them with a fabulous experience like no other, making new friends and enjoying the surroundings. We believe, after a ton of research, trial and error, we have found a great formula that provides flexibility to every rider on the tour, young or old, male or female, fast or slow, with quality and value all under one roof . We have been so successful doing this that numerous clients keep coming back because of our fun and exciting atmospheres we create. We want you to have the time of your life, after all, it’s your holiday and you should be treated like you’re a paying client on a holiday!

Our Mission

Our mission is and was always a simple one and that is to provide a high level of adrenaline rush and dedication to every client, with their needs and considerations being placed at the forefront of our business model. All of our tour guides are professional riders, trained in the very same terrain where we take our clients to and all are required to have at least a minimum of 20000 kms of experience of , as well as undertaking ongoing training relevant to our industry. This includes but not limited to; navigational, riding and customer service skills
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